Welcome to Sermons by Islamic Network

The sermons project is all about making khutbas from the Islamic World programmatically accessible to developers and the wider community.
This is done by making the mp3, pdf and document files available for khutbas on the Islamic Network CDN and providing a static JSON API which is essentially a traversible map of the khutba files on the CDN.


The API is split up into sources, languages and years. Currently, the only source is UAE Awqaf.


To see all sources: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/sources.json.
Each source can be traversed using its handle and the year you would like to access khutbas for.

Khutbas for a year

To get all UAE Awqaf khutbas for 2021: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/uae-awqaf/2021.json.
To get all Friday UAE Awqaf khutbas for 2021: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/uae-awqaf/2021/friday.json.
To get all non-Friday (Eid, for example) UAE Awqaf khutbas for 2021: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/uae-awqaf/2021/other.json.
To get all Friday (Eid, for example) UAE Awqaf khutbas for the month of July in 2021: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/uae-awqaf/2021/07/friday.json.
To get all non-Friday (Eid, for example) UAE Awqaf khutbas for July 2021 (please note that not all months will have a non Friday khutba, as these only exist for months where Eid holidays fall or there was a rain sermon): https://sermons.islamic.network/api/uae-awqaf/2021/07/other.json.


To see all languages: https://sermons.islamic.network/api/languages.json.
This endpoint is provided to easily expand on the language codes within the khutba JSON to build UIs.


The copyright for all khutbas and contents remains with the source. Islamic Network is only making these programmatically accessible.

Want to add your khutbas?

Please get in touch via https://community.islamic.network.